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Client Testimonials ​

for the past 20 years...

 "You do good work!  I feel so much more balanced. First thing I noticed was dealing with stairs - I'm going up and down with equal weight on each leg and don't need to hold the railing for balance.  Also, my neck feels much less aggravated. Thanks!" -S.C.- 

 "I have many structural/muscular issues and looked specifically for someone in the Denver area with in-depth experience in both structural integration and kinesiology. Donielle has helped me immensely during the time we have worked together and I am now able to lead a much more active lifestyle without pain!"

 "Donielle's dedication to her craft and passion for massage is obvious each time I see her. She really does make her clients feel special AND feel better."

"Donielle gives the best massage that I have ever had. She customizes the massage for the trouble areas, incorporating the knowledge of kinesiology, structural integration and the expertise of the healing touch. It is a customized, personal adapted massage."

"I was suffering from low back pain which was causing problems with my golf swing. I went to Donielle for help. After a 1 hour session, I left with no pain and was able to play golf 5 days in a row without any further problems. Thank you Donielle."

 "It never occurred to me to stop getting massages. It's part of working toward feeling the best that I can. I have problems with my knees, tendinitis in both arms, and occasional backaches. Donielle keep all of these problems from getting out of hand and impairing my lifestyle. Massages are as important to me as any other method of maintaining good health."

"Donielle has helped relieve my chronic pain with her massages. I have been to several massage therapists and she is by far the best. She is thorough, caring and professional."

"I have been taking belly dance lessons for 2 years. I have struggled with shoulder shimmies. After our sessions my instructor started making comments to me about how nice my shoulder shimmies were. So your techniques have softened these muscles to allow the moves to happen.Thanks!"

 "I started getting regular massages a year and a half ago when my daughter-in-law and I made a "fun" afternoon together while they were here for Christmas. Donielle gave me a very relaxing massage, but I think it was hard work for her because I had so many knots in my neck and upper back. She suggested that I come in twice a month so I wouldn't get so sore and knotted. I have been coming ever since and don't have near the tension in my upper back that I used to . I am a business owner and sit at a desk all day, and I really look forward to Wednesday afternoons when I can see Donielle. She even came to our office once for chair massages for the staff. All were pleased and look forward to her coming back."
-Susan B.- 

"I was reluctant to see a massage therapist for help with my chronic back and neck pain but after visiting with Donielle she made me comfortable with what we would do and has helped to maintain my physical health through regular sessions. If you have had sports injuries or any type of surgeries like I had and are experiencing pain don't suffer any longer! Make an appointment today! Thanks Donielle"

"Without my having to mention where I experienced pain, Donielle was able to find my trouble spots and work on them to provide me relief."

"I am absolutely sold on the value of a professional massage. My wife encouraged me to get a massage to help relieve some neck pain and stress related aches. It has made all the difference. Since my first session, I have felt so much more relaxed in daily life and the neck pain has all but disappeared. Donielle genuinely cares about her clients and that is evident in her positive and caring attitude. I would recommend this service to anyone."
-Ron F.-